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The Best Dog Scooter on the Market

Update from the founder, Rob Fruechtenicht.

Whether you’re exercising with your dog on nearby trails or chasing trophies in mushing competitions, you and your dog deserve to have fun together with the best scooter on the market. From the same people who helped start dog scootering over 20 years ago, we took the original design and made it better every way we could. Stronger, smoother, with much better brakes and much larger tires, our new scooters are an incredibly safe option with maximum control in multiple environments and weather. Start making memories with your dog(s) today!

Sprocket Dogs in the wild

The Sprocket Dogs

The Sprocket Dogs

Teddy and Ginger are both rescue dogs. Teddy was delivered by Pilot’s for Paws via private airplane, and Ginger was a neighborhood escape artist with a real free spirit.

Both are loved, and both are primed for pulling.

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Your Supplier of Diggler Parts and Service!

From the same people that brought you the Diggler over 25 years ago, replacement parts for your Diggler are best sourced from Sprocket Mobility!

We built them back then so we know what they need, and we offer not just replacement parts, but service, merch, and accessories for Diggler owners of all kinds!

Keep you and your dog safe and having fun with all the parts you could ever need from Sprocket Mobility!